The Carmichael-Stewart House Museum

Street View of House

The Carmichael-Stewart House Museum, operated by the Pictou County Historical Society, is dedicated to the preservation of the history of Pictou County, through the display of artifacts primarily from the 19th and early 20th centuries, for the benefit of present and future generations. We are now open for the summer, daily from 9:30am to 4:00pm, except Sundays and Canada Day, until the end of August 2024

The Carmichael-Stewart House house offers insight into the history of Pictou County. Artifacts found in the museum include Trenton Glassware, memorabilia from the Goodman Co. Store, and a restored Penny-Farthing Bicycle. Visitors will enjoy the architectural features of the house, including original hardwood flooring, stained glass windows, and Majolica tiled fireplaces, and then have a walk around the Frank Calder Memorial Garden.

Museum Events in 2024

Distinguished Descendants: of Ship Hector Passengers

Tuesday Tea guests had the pleasure of viewing a presentation from John Ashton and Brenda Hutchinson on their book, Distinguished Descendants: of Ship Hector Passengers. We were pleased to hear about descendants of the ship Hector such as Isaac Matheson founder of I. Matheson & Co.

Let Them Eat Cake

'Let Them Eat Cake' fundraiser was a great success and look at some of these beautiful cakes. We are so grateful to the cake makers and silent auction donors who generously gave, the companies who gave event donations, the Town of New Glasgow and to all who bought a ticket and came out. 

Wreath Making

Tuesday Teas guests had fun making beautiful summer floral wreaths.

Museum Events in 2023

Author Lynn MacLean

Tuesday Tea guests enjoyed a lovely presentation done by Lynn MacLean on her three books, A Helping Hand, Bravest Hearts, and Against All Odds. These novels are available for purchase at the museum.

Holly Buchanan and Bob MacPhee baked fresh cookies for the occasion, Krystle Barclay dropped off an assortment of delicious pastries, and Gloryrose Cupcakes donated these beautiful cupcakes for the event as well.

What Gets Carried On

The Pictou County Historical Society is proud to present the new exhibit, "What Gets Carried On". The exhibit celebrates the early pioneer settlers and their descendants, through the objects that they carried in trunks and baggage in the holds of ships across the Atlantic and on their backs, or that they created with ingenuity and skill and acquired in their new land. In celebration of the 250th year of the landing of the Ship Hector and Scottish and Gaelic heritage, we will have on display some Ship Hector Memorabilia from a hundred years ago for the 1923, 150th celebration of the landing of the Ship Hector, and the original model and architectural drawing of the statue by Nova Scotian artist John A. Wilson, created and erected in 1923 in Pictou Market Square, which is being restored for the 250th celebrations. We also have on display artifacts that were carried on the Ship Hector and some lineages are attached. 

The unveiling of the exhibit began with opening remarks from Ashley Kenney and Holly Buchanan, and the reading by Bob MacPhee of "Early Settlers at Middle River and Millbrook" by David Fraser. Afterward, we invited guests to have a look around the exhibit and enjoy some tasty treats and tea.

We are open Monday-Saturday from 9:30-4pm if you would like to come in and take a look through this exhibit before we close for the 2023 season.

Tuesday Talk with Fergie

We had the pleasure of hearing Fergie MacKay tell us about the history of Pictou Landing, in particular, the ferry and mail service run there by John Robert Christie. 

Christie would pick up necessities such as medicine, grocery items, and mail in Pictou Landing for those who lived in Pictou and haul the items across the Pictou Harbour. The sleigh that John Robert Christie used for hauling mail across the ice is an artifact in our collection, and we will also have copies of Fergie MacKay's book "A History of Pictou Landing" for purchase

Spinning with Mary Ann

Mary Ann did an insightful presentation on the craft of spinning at this week's Tuesday Tea. She did a wonderful job of demonstrating how to operate a drop spindle, wool carders, a niddy noddy, and other spinning instruments.

Mayor's Tea

The annual Mayor's Tea event hosted by the Carmichael-Stewart House Museum occurred July 13th, 2023. Guests enjoyed treats, live music, coffee, and tea. 

Seasonal Opening

We were very pleased at the turnout for our Seasonal Opening this year! A huge thanks goes out to everyone involved. Krystle Barclay did a wonderful presentation on Gaelic Language Heritage, which was followed an English reading by Dr. Laurie-Stanley Blackwell of her book “Na Peataichean a thàinig hun Sràid Phalmerston | The Pets That Came to Palmerston Street”. John Blackwell was there as well to support the reading and to give background on their wonderful printing press “Pictou Bee Press”. Ann Munro aided in reading the Gaelic version of the story, and shared some oral traditions as a native Gaelic speaker.

The Carmichael-Stewart House Museum is open for the season and we thank Jim Stewart, the town crier, for officially declaring the museum open.

The Pictou County Historical Society is grateful for funding and support from The Government of Nova Scotia, The Government of Canada, all municipalities in Pictou County and many individuals and businesses.